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Contract Manufacturing

As well as manufacturers of our own brand range we add value to food products for other business customers as contract manufacturers.

There is almost a limitless range of possibilities with recent examples including coating in special batter recipes and bespoke flavoured breadcrumbs to filling jalapeño peppers with garlic cheese. We also have dedicated sauce making facilities and a direct depositing system to ensure we can make a wide range of products for our customers.

Essentially we consider ourselves to be a large kitchen, albeit on a scale fifty times bigger. Our approach means we can manufacture most products, as our equipment is not tied in to a line it can be used separately or linked to create the most effective method of production to meet our customers' needs.

As a flexible contract food manufacture many of our customers products are hand made using our well-trained and skilful staff; they are the real backbone of our success. Their experience and expertise can create amazing products that delight all our customers.

Over the years we have worked with many of its customers on new product development. In fact, Norvik was created by our founder's expertise in food new product development.

Our production team is highly experienced in new product development and we help them by using our flexible and efficient food manufacturing systems to produce new products, small ranges and test manufacturing during the product development programme with the aim to bring their vision to a successful commercial product.

Using our specialist facilities and expertise of the manufacturing team we are able to produce gluten-free products to meet the needs of a growing consumer demand for frozen food products that help people who suffer from coeliac disease and require a gluten-free diet.

Many of our customers then use Norvik to produce these products after commercial viability has been established.
We are always mindful of our customers needs with particular regard to confidentiality of recipes and production methods. It is not uncommon for us to agree and sign a confidentiality document that protects our customers' interests. Because of our commitment to confidentiality our customers can be assured that their recipes and production methods are not shared with anyone else so there will be no competition from us or other clients of ours.

We work primarily with fish, however we do also have over 15 years experience in adding value to vegetable products.

To discuss how we may help you, whether you are another food manufacturing business or retailer please use the contact form below or call us on 01472 240297